Your Instagram bio is the only place where you can share a clickable link with your followers. That’s why it’s important to add a trackable link to understand how much traffic you are driving to your website and measure your marketing efforts better.

Here's how to set up Click Analytics:

  1. Copy your tracking link and paste it in your Instagram bio. We will generate a tracking link for you when you first access Clicks but you can also use your own domain. Learn more about how to set up your own domain.
  2. Set your target link. This can be your website, blog, or a specific product you are trying to promote.

Once you’ve put your tracking link in your Instagram bio and set your target link, you’re ready to start tracking your Instagram traffic.

Each time someone clicks your Instagram bio link they'll be redirected to the target page you defined. During the redirecting process, will collect data to create detailed reports about your Instagram traffic.

Want to change your target link? You don't need to log into Instagram to change the link in bio. Just log into your account and update your target link or update it through the API. will automatically redirect to a new target link. 

You can also schedule your target link to change automatically at a specific time and date in the future. It’s useful when you schedule a blog post or campaign start. 

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