Today we're excited to announce our new per-account pricing structure. This change means that plans will no longer be priced by followers and usage, but will instead be based on the number of accounts you monitor. 

We now have 3 tiers for per-account pricing — Silver, Gold and Platinum. 

The new pricing starts from $9/month. All plans include full analytics report for any number of followers, Instagram Business Insights, stories tracking, exports and email stats.  More advanced features are available on Gold and Platinum plans. 

You can find more information about the new plans and subscribe on our pricing page.

Why change to per-account pricing?

We are making this change to adjust to the recent Instagram API changes. With the launch of the new Graph API, it has become clear that the usage based pricing no longer works. We also believe that the new per-account pricing is even more flexible and will help you estimate costs as you only pay a fixed price per account no matter how fast it grows. For many of our users, this will result in a significant price drop, so make sure to check out your options.

What happens to your existing subscription?

The new pricing structure goes into effect today but all existing customers have the option to upgrade to a new plan, or continue on your current pricing. If you choose to change your current plan, you will need to select an option from the new pricing.

If you have any questions or need help switching plans, please let us know at [email protected].

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