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New: Facebook Reels Analytics
New: Facebook Reels Analytics

February 8, 2023

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We are happy to announce that Facebook Reels analytics is now available on!

We have added support for this new post type so you can measure all your content performance within

What data is available for Facebook Reels?

You can track your Facebook Reels Likes, Comments, Shares, Impressions, Reach, Engagement Rate, Engagement Rate by Reach, Reach Rate and Fan Change.

You can find your Reels data in the Posts tab of your report. On the Gold, Platinum and Agency plans, you can also see how your reels perform in the first 24h hours.

Can I see historical data for my Facebook Reels?

Yes, you will see your previous Reels in

Can I see my promoted Facebook Reels data?

No, unfortunately, promoted Reels data is not yet available. Your Reels will show organic data only.

At, we ensure you have the right tools for your reporting needs, and we look forward to seeing how this new data helps improve your content strategy.

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