We've reworked Team Members, making it easier to invite and manage your team members on Minter.io.

If you want to share multiple reports with someone, you no longer need to share each report individually. You can now select multiple or even all of your reports and invite a team member with one email. Moreover, if you choose to share all of your reports with the "All" option, all new reports will be automatically shared with this team member, so you don't have to remember to share access with them each time you create a new tracker.

With our new layout, it is also easier to see all your team members and manage what they have access to.

As before, you can manage your team members through the report menu by clicking the gear settings icon and selecting "Team members". We've also added a new section to your account settings where you can see and manage all your team members: https://minter.io/app/edit/team

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