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How to connect to Google Sheets
How to connect to Google Sheets

Learn how get your data into Google Sheets

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You can easily import your data into Google Sheets. Once connected, your data in Google Sheets will be refreshed automatically.

Here's how to connect your data to Google Sheets.

In your account:

1. Go to the report you want to connect to Google Sheets.

2. Click the gear settings icon in the top menu and select "Data Integration".

3. Select Google Sheets from the Destination drop-down. Then, select the data and period you'd like to connect.

4. Click on Generate URL. Copy the link in the pop-up that appeared.

In Google Sheets:

5. Open a spreadsheet document.

6. Paste the URL you copied on into the formula field and press Enter.

Connect social media data to Google Sheets

7. Select the Date column and change date with Format > Number > Date.
Note: There's a limit to how much data you can send to Google Sheets at once. The maximum number of rows allowed per period is 10,000.

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