Comparing your content and insights to a competitor’s is an important feature. This allows you to see how you can improve your existing content and see what works well and what does not for similar competitor accounts. 

To add a competitor report:

  1. Select ‘+Add’.
  2. Then select ‘Add Competitor Account’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the account username.
  4. Click ‘Add’. 

 Please note that you can only add competitors that are business accounts on Instagram. 

Competitor data is automatically updated on a daily basis at 7:00 UTC.

The following metrics are available for competitor accounts:

Audience Insights:

  • Total Followers (follower count)
  • Growth of Total Followers

Posts Insights:

  • Number of Posts
  • Interactions
  • Post Engagement Rate
  • Profile Engagement Rate
  • Top Posts

Optimization Insights:

  • Best Time to Post
  • Best Time to Post, Engagement
  • Top Tags by Interactions
  • Most Effective Tags
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