Yes, allows you to track your Instagram ads data. 

You can:

  • access performance metrics for all your Instagram promoted posts.
  • access performance metrics for all your separately created Instagram ads ( 'dark posts').
  • see a breakdown of your paid and organic likes and comments.
  • see a breakdown of your paid and organic reach and impressions.

Data for your Instagram promoted (boosted) posts is available in the Posts section of your Instagram report, where you see individual post-by-post analytics. Your promoted posts will have a yellow label on them, so you can easily spot posts that have been promoted. Simply hover over the metrics to see a breakdown of organic and paid data.

Data for separately created Instagram ads ('dark posts') and paid only data for boosted posts is now available in the Ads section of your Instagram report. You can see detailed analytics for your ads and promoted posts, including paid Likes, Comments, Reach, Impressions, Engagement Rate, and Ad Clicks.

Promoted posts data is currently available for single image posts, videos and carousels on your feeds, but not available on Stories. 

'Dark posts' data currently covers single image posts and videos, but not Carousels or Stories. 

Please note: Video Views metrics are currently organic data only.

Ads tracking is available for users on our Platinum plan and Agency plans. If you are on our Silver, Gold or older plans, the information held by will show organic data only. 

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