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Instagram Mentions
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What are Instagram mentions?

A mention is when someone uses the @ sign immediately followed by your Instagram username. There are two different ways that users can mention your brand on Instagram:

1. Caption mention- when an Instagram user mentions your account @username in their post caption.

2. Comment mention - when an Instagram user mentions your account @username in a comment on a post.

Tags on Instagram posts

Instagram users can also tag your account @username to a photo or video that they shared on Instagram. Accounts tagged in a photo or video are visible to anyone who can see it.

Track your brand mentions and tags on

Getting mentions and tags on Instagram makes your account more visible, which can help you to earn new followers and engagement. With our mentions monitoring tool you can track your progress and discover posts, captions, and comments in which your Business Account has been tagged or @mentioned.

Reply to mentions listens to your brand mentions in real-time so that you never miss another important conversation. Not only you can see your real-time brand mentions, but you can also reply to those captions and comments right from your dashboard. You can easily filter and join most relevant conversations about you on Instagram.

Is historical data for Instagram mentions and tags available?

We provide up to one month of historical data for tags on Instagram posts.

Unfortunately,  we can only start tracking your mentions from the day you connected your Instagram business profile to our platform. Please note that you may need to grant our app some additional permissions so that we can access your mentions. If such permissions are required, you’ll see a notification in the Mentions section of your report. 

Instagram mentions data is updated daily at 7:00 UTC.


Mentions on Stories are not currently supported.

If you reply to a comment, your reply will appear as a sub-thread comment on the comment in which you were mentioned.

Commenting on photos in which you were tagged is not supported.

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