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An update on Instagram city data
An update on Instagram city data

July 15, 2020

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Today we're updating how we calculate follower cities for Instagram.

To calculate the percentage of your followers for each city, we can get a list of a maximum of 45 top cities through the Instagram API. Previously, we were calculating this metric based only on the number of followers located in these top 45 cities.

We noticed, however, that Instagram in their native in-app analytics calculates the percentage for top cities based on a larger number of followers, which obviously includes followers located outside those top 45 cities. However, Instagram doesn't release this data through their API.

To address this discrepancy and be more compatible with the Instagram in-app insights, we’ve decided to calculate city data based on your total number of followers during a selected date range.

With the total number of followers taken into account, we estimate that the reported percentage for each city will now be 20% lower on average.

Please note that as Instagram doesn’t provide a full list of cities and followers through their API, your city data can slightly differ from what you see in the Instagram app.

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